General Information about the Centre`s ServicesThe Support Centre against Sexual Abuse (smso) is a supplement to the public help services. It is a low threshold service; it does not require a referral and the services are free of charge. Everyone that works at the centre is required to keep matters confidential. Visitors of the centre are also required to keep matters confidential regarding other visitors they meet at the centre. A journal is not kept and clients of the centre can remain anonymous. Sessions with us are free.

Smso offers both individual and group sessions. The centre is both for men and women who have experienced sexual abuse and for relatives to these people.

People employed have relevant high school education, professional experience or have themselves been sexually abused. Both men and women work at the centre. You will meet people that will listen to your story. We can also accompany you to the police, lawyers or public help services.

Individual sessions can be undertaken in English.


Are you a victim of rape or sexual assault?

Sexual assault has many forms, and perhaps you are wondering if what happened to you was sexual assault?

Sexual assault is any form of violating sexual act or attempt to obtain a sexual act that is non-consensual and includes sexual touching, fondling, giving/receiving oral sex, masturbation, intercourse, other intercourse-like acts, rape, and other non-physical acts or attempts to carry out such acts such as unwanted sexual talk, indecent exposure/flashing, photographing, filming, voyeurism and displaying pornographic material.

Sexual assault or sexual abuse is any involuntary sexual act where a person is forced or pressured to do something against their will, and without first giving their consent  or when the victim is not able to give their consent. The assault can be where the victim is tricked, forced or threatened to carry out sexual acts with another person or persons, that the victim is forced to watch other  people engage in sexual acts or that the victim is forced to engage in sexual acts with them self while others watch or are present.  Anyone can be sexually abused regardless of gender, age, and it is always defined as an assault regardless if the victim was sober, under the influence of alcohol or drugs or asleep.

Rape and other sexual assault can happen in either a close intimate relationship or in acquaintance type relationships or amongst strangers.

Even though you might be uncertain as to whether or not you have been subjected to sexual abuse, you can always contact the assistance services. You should also talk to someone close to you about what happened. This can help you put into words the incident, your thoughts and feelings. It’s also helpful to get support and guidance from those close to you. Perhaps you are uncertain whether or not you want to file a police report? In Norway you have the right to three hours of free advice and assistance from a lawyer, where you do not have to commit to anything before you decide whether or not you wish to file a police report concerning the sexual assault.

Contact your general practitioner, GP, (fastlegen) or school nurse (helsesøster) a sexual assault center (overgrepsmottak), a Support Center for Survivors of Incest and Sexual Assault (SMISO), DIXI Resource Center against Sexual Assault (DIXI) or the police (politiet) to get help in understanding what has happened to you, and to start psychologically processing your experience(s), and should you decide to do so, file a police report.